Our Lighthouse lamps are reminiscent of Ireland's lighthouses of old - battered, worn and beautiful with a warm amber glow to welcome you home on a stormy evening. The Clare Island lamp echoes the cylindrical tower of Clare Island lighthouse on Ireland’s West Atlantic coast – reassuringly sturdy and strong.


This table lamp consists of a pear shaped retro bulb encased in an aged steel frame sitting on top of a handcrafted base of salvaged wood - generally teak, oak or jarrah depending on what we have in stock - and is complemented by a retro twisted, braided cord.


Each lamp is unique, the colour, grain and finish of the wood will vary from lamp to lamp. All our lamps are made by hand in our studio in Delgany, Co. Wicklow and each comes with a handwritten label describing its provenance.

Clare Island Table Lamp

  • Bulb is pear-shaped, retro style, long-life LED with amber glass and spiral filament. 3/4 watt, 6 x 12 cms. Bulb will last minimum 30,000 hours/10 years approx. Replacement bulbs if needed can be ordered directly from us or from specialist retailers nationwide.