The Súgán Light (Súgán is a Gaelic word, phonetically pronounced Soo-gawn) is inspired by the ropes of the same name that are used to tie the underside of thatch to the roof timbers in traditional Irish cottages.  


This impressive piece works beautifully as a statement piece above a kitchen island or dining table in both traditional and modern homes. Handcrafted from storm-fallen spalted beech, the ceiling light is suspended from chain while the bulbs are hung from natural hemp rope wire.   


The beautiful retro style LED bulbs can be hung at varying lengths and wrapped in any fashion making this piece highly customisable.  This ceiling light can also be made in other timbers such as oak or pitch pine. Please contact us directly to discuss.


Your Copperfish light is supplied with the following:

  • 1 x timber beam attached by 2 x plates and chain which hang from the ceiling
  • Three rope pendants wired into a central ceiling rose
  • 3 x LED bulbs, 4 watt dimmable.


Each lamp is unique, the colour, grain and finish of the wood will vary from lamp to lamp. All our lamps are made by hand in our studio in Rathnew, Co. Wicklow and each comes with a handwritten label describing its provenance. All our bulbs are LED and have an expected lifespan of 30,000 hours/10 years approx.


Prices are inclusive of VAT and bulbs are included. 

The Súgán Light

  • Bulbs are a round, smooth, retro style, long-life LED with amber glass and spiral filament.  3/4 watt, 12.5cms diameter.   Bulb will last minimum 30,000 hours/10 years approx.   Replacement bulbs if needed can be ordered directly from us or from specialist retailers nationwide.