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Copperfish Shorlisted in the DARC Awards

We are so proud to have been shortlisted in the DARC (Decorative Lighting in Architecture) awards for 2022 with our new Liberties table lamp.

The awards the brainchild of industry leading publications DARC and ARC magazines, two of the most widely read and respected lighting design publications in the world and are open to all types of lighting designers from students all the way up to well established, international lighting companies.

These awards are a who's who of the international lighting industry so its a real achievement to have our little Irish company amongst some of the lighting industry greats!

Voting is open and limited to those within the industry (independent lighting designers, light artists, interior designers, architects and product designers) so if you're in this category we'd love your vote!

The winners will be announced at an awards party on 30 March 2023 at Fabric London, where the winners will be announced. We'll keep you posted!


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