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A Doomed Love Story

We've been having some fun with our latest creation - a 1950's 3ft high Betty Boop figurine. Originally we believe this type of figurine would have carried a tray but when we found her she was tray-less. We couldn't leave the poor lady empty handed so we've "lamped" her. Read our story below.

Betty, like many ladies, is sensitive about her age but I suspect she was born in the 1950's. Our eyes met across a crowded auction room and it was love at first sight. Betty had seen some hard times and it was showing! Over the months I've nursed her back to health and worked on giving her back her confidence and independence. She has become the light of my life. How am I going to tell her she's going up for sale at House 2018 in the RDS this weekend...?

Meet Copper Fish Studio and Betty Boop at Stand A28 House 2018 in the RDS this weekend.

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