6 Ideas for Lighting your Dining Table this Christmas

The Halloween decorations are down so now we can start talking about Christmas decorations, right?

Well we'll hold off on the tinsel for now. We're talking about decorating your dining table and what better place to start than with your lighting. Good lighting is central to creating the right ambience and on special occasions like Christmas, all eyes are on the dining table. Your dining table can really benefit from ambient and decorative lighting and this is where you get to really set the mood and tone for your whole dining area.

Dining table with ceiling light industrial style brick
Transform your dining table with the right ceiling light

Its not just about the aesthetics though. According to research, dining in bright interiors will typically make you eat faster, while dim lighting will cause you to eat slower. Lighting can even affect our melatonin levels so for example dimmed lighting can create a more relaxed feeling. We definitely want people to enjoy themselves around the dinner table so its important to consider this aspect as well. Here are a few ideas and examples that might just work for your dining table this Christmas.

1. Keep it Simple

Create a clean, contemporary look with a single oversized pendant to draw the eye to your focal point. Combine with spotlights to give you the option to increase or decrease the task lighting if needed.

2. Create a Statement piece

Create a stunning statement piece above your dining table, varying the number and height of pendants which will affect the lumen output (the amount of light in the room) depending on your room size. Ceiling height is not as much of a consideration but you do need to consider the height at eye level, to make sure that lights aren't getting in the way of conversation or creating a glare. If you use naked bulbs like in our designs, its important to use a warm light so that you don't get blinded when you look up or across the table. Here's a good guide to hanging your lights by Irish designer Aoife Tobin's Style So Simple's Guide to Hanging Lighting Part 1...