The Crosóg

Crosóg (prounounced cross-oge) is an old Irish phrase that is rarely used these days but referred to a rope used to tie a load of hay to a man’s back.   


We liked the sound of this old phrase which rolls off the tongue and the image that it evokes of a weather-beaten farmer, bent over carrying a heavy load.  This pendant light, made from natural hemp rope, follows a similar line with its large curve and its multiple, drumlin-shaped bulbs. 


All our lamps are made by hand in our studio in Delgany, Co. Wicklow. 


Prices are inclusive of VAT and bulbs are included. 

  • Return and Refund Policy

    If you do not love your lamp then we would love to have it back.  Please refer to our refund policy for information at

  • Technical Spec

    3-core wired, earthed, 220-240 volt, E27 fitting.
    Plug is a black 3 pin UK/Ireland plug.

    All components are CE certified.  Final products are PAT tested.  

  • Bulb Information

    Bulbs are drumlin shaped, retro style, long-life LED with amber glass and irregular spiral filament.  3/4 watt, 14cms long x 14 cms wide.   Bulbs will last minimum 30,000 hours/10 years approx.   Replacement bulbs if needed can be ordered directly from us or from specialist retailers nationwide.


Copperfish Lighting Company

Delgany, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

+353 (0)86 853 4758

Copperfish Lighting Company

Delgany, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

+353 (0)86 853 4758

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