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Lights on Ropes and Mugs. Oh My!

A big thank you to Kilkenny Design Group for the faith and the opportunity to work with them on a number of lighting installations for their flagship store in Nassau Street. Its been interesting and challenging work but the end result has been a fantastic collaboration between a number of people. Copper Fish Studio has now supplied a number of different lighting pieces for the store in Nassau Street including a 6 metre x 3 metre massive rope and giant bulb light installation, a window display and the latest design which has been affectionalty named the mugs chandelier. You will also find a number of our lamps on display for sale throughout the floor.

Thank you to all the staff in the Kilkenny shop in Nassau Street who have been really great, Rowena in Visual Sense, Thomas Diem of Diem Pottery and John Ryan from for the raw materials (beautiful mugs).

Light installation for Kilkenny Shop

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