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Showcase 2017

A little apprehensive, I'm really mixing with the big boys here. Showcase really is the pinnacle of the Irish Crafts industry "now in its 41st year, Showcase continues to be one of Ireland's largest international trade fairs, attracting more than 5,000 buyers from Ireland and more than 20 countries across the globe". Its hard to believe that one year ago almost to the day, I thought I'd take a jump into the lighting business and now with the help of my Local Enterprise Board, I've been invited to show my "mood lighting" to a potential audience of 5,000 buyers from around the world. A big thank you also to my brother-in-law Jamie who helped me with the hoofing of the crates into the RDS by "borrowing" a trolley that was hidden amongst the horse boxes (when confronted for commandeering the staff trolley, he managed to charm his way out of it).

Set-up is completed, tomorrow is the big day. Bring on the 5,000!

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